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      Inflatable Dummies

       Inflatable dummies are designed to provide friendly troops with false positions in order to draw enemy’s reconnaissance away from factual military objects and to mislead the enemy regarding manpower and military equipment deployed at the battlefield.

      At the same time when you simultaneously with visual, aerial and space reconnaissance apply inflatable dummies it allows to simulate troops maneuvers at tactical and operational levels and generate target situation at the fire range within their combat training.

      Inflatable dummies are distinguished due to their highly-specified extent aimed at next-generation equipment applied for reconnaissance, small weight and short term of deployment.

      Inflatable dummies can be performed as an airtight frameworks or solid untight structures with pneumatic boost of the frame by electric fan.

      One of the advantages of airtight frameworks is possibility to preserve their features during a certain period of time without repumping. But at the same time strict requirements to airtightness of such structures causes necessity to apply rather heavy materials, complicated technological manufacturing processes, which set in turn some serious problems for operation at the battlefield.

      Boosting dummies are 2-3 times lighter than airtight at the same size. It gives an opportunity to produce lightweight portable dummies of real largesize equipment and downsize the time of their deployment.

      This type of dummies besides unlike of airtight samples in case of their damaging of their surface they can keep some time the shape of simulated objects if the square of damage hole is not bigger than 25 cm2. Another advantage of the boosting dummies is its simple maintenance in field.

      One of the reasons of successful employment of the products is quality of the material produced of. It can be easily operated within temperature frames of – 40˚C to +50˚C and air humidity of 98%. The dummies are produced of any kitting-up along with possibility of fixing of mounted false equipment (e.g. machine guns, fuel tanks, opened hatches, antennas, smoke grenade-launchers etc.).

      Time of dummies deployment is rather short. Due to the dimensions of the product it takes up to 20 min for 150 kg weight.

      Besides inflatable dummies can be transported by car or to be portable and can be operated (at least 50 times) deployment/redeployment. Normally one dummy is serviced by a crew up to 4 persons.

      Due to special anchor pinning the dummies’ frame are resistible to tension of 25 m/s windspeed. Top fan power for keeping the inflated is up to 3-4 kW. One of the key advantages of this product is to simulate real military equipment and vehicles in visible, infrared (thermal) and radar wavebands.

      These dummies are able to simulate some combat formations simultaneously. It is to suppress enemy’s information providing channel serving as passive countermeasure. For more effective simulation at battle field, the dummies can be covered with camouflage net, smoke curtain, imitate track/wheel ruts or at least use natural landscape characteristics (ravines, trees, bushes etc.).

      Besides the general purpose all the mentioned products may be used as targets during training operations or military tests, what decreases costs on real targets imitation significantly.


      1-D Stand Dummies


      The dummies composed of flat elements (1-D Stand Dummies) are light-weight tension fabric constructions. There are also can be of horizontal and vertical types of deployment. 1-D Stand Dummies with horizontal type of deployment of the key element designed for simulation of the Army, Air Defense units and other branches in order to misinform the enemy’s aerial and space reconnaissance.

      The dummies of this category includes vertical components and shadow simulators for imitation of high-rise objects. Typically these types of dummies can also be operated in radar, visual and infrared wavebands. The flat-oriented dummies with vertical type of deployment are designed for simulation of armored vehicles in the area of concentration or battlefields with the aim of mislead enemy’s combat vehicles crews and its ground visual reconnaissance.